Persevering thru The Press

Justice Clarence Thomas once told Reggie Black and I that perseverance is a combination of patience and persistence. I heard him then, I understand him now.

If you are fortunate to have a dream and the courage to chase it, there will be moments of self doubt, discouragement, and down right fatigue. You’ll question the merits of your dream and if it is all worth it. At times, the sacrifice will seem like it is too much.

That’s the time when you must persevere.

That’s the time to redouble your efforts.

By all accounts, most would consider me a confident guy. I am. However, like many, I struggle with insecurities and discouragement. It is a daily battle! The should’ve, would’ve, could’ves vs. The I can, I will and I musts.

Below are just a few things I do to encourage myself in no particular order.

1) Dwell on God’s grace and mercy. If He never does another thing for me, He has done more than I deserve.

2) Find a word to inspire me. Sometimes it is in the Bible, other times it is in a magazine or book.

3) Listen to a positive tune. Music is powerful. It carries spirits or vibes (whatever you want to call
it). The right song can change my entire mood or disposition. Donald Lawrence’s music always inspires me.

4) Focus on the purpose of my passion. It motivates me to think of what God has in store for me and the change I can bring about. I think about all of the people that are depending on my positive contribution. I think about my family (current and future) that are depending on me.

5) Pray and meditate. It works!

These are just a few. If I follow all five, I’m usually in a much better state of mind afterwards. Please share your techniques.

Delano D. Hunter